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You fall asleep easy, and girls fall to their knees.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Bored [17 Sep 2006|10:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Im so bored.
tonight was stupid.
this weekend was okay.
tony can suck my fucking cock.
hes an asshole, and just a problem i need to get rid of.
but i cant, its hard.

i hate my life
im so broke right now.. i just had to pay for my car insurance... i got in 2 cars accidents friday both at school. accident one i was the passenger and the had to use to jaws or life to get me out of the car, and the other one i side swiped someone, and inorder fro my insurance nott o go up, i have to pay for the damages on theyre car when my car has worse damages.

I keep spending my money on dumb things like MAC make up... i dont need anymore, and hair products, i def. do not need those. and i need to quit buying clothes, and food at lunch, royal oak is soo expensive.

speaking of royal oak... i love school, all my hair stuff seems to be the only thing thats going right for me... beauty school is a breeze and its fun, i love my friends there, and i love my job at Rebels and everyone there.

P.s. Just so you know all of these rumors that are going around about me lately arent true. theyre pissing off me and someone else. keep talking and shit up... trust me its called karma, it will come back to you times 10.

bye. </3

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[02 Sep 2005|02:27pm]
East Detroit Finally Beat Roseville.....

34 to 19

we got the bell back bitches!!
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ewwww!! [29 Aug 2005|01:39pm]


i went to the hospital and i had to take a bunch of blood tests and the needlejust about made my arm look like its decaying.

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[25 Aug 2005|02:10pm]
Which Laguna Beach Girl Are You and Who is Your Laguna Beach Guy? by stateofgrace98
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Whats your favorite phrase from the show?
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You are
And your Boy is
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[20 Aug 2005|01:54am]
I also forgot... I thought i was gonna Dye my hair back to brown at the salon on monday but im not.. im just gonna put more blonde and black in it. and ill probably just layer it or something.
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[20 Aug 2005|01:18am]


youre spending all your nights growing old in your bed and tearing up the photos cause you wanna forget.... its overCollapse )

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[22 Apr 2005|05:59pm]

You're just jealous because we're young and in loveCollapse )

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[17 Apr 2005|01:10am]
You're "You're So Last Summer", you're
always hoping for the best, but in the end you
just get walked all over.

Which taking back sunday song are you?
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[12 Apr 2005|10:22pm]


Youre gay you fucking cock sucker...... ill rip your dick off.Collapse )

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this is soo funny [12 Apr 2005|10:21pm]
Your Erotic LJ dream by cozzette
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You began to dream aboutminus212
who wasrecieving oral from you
ina stranger's house
with15 other men
which made youhot
but was interupted bycallanambulance
who began toget jealouse
You awokehoping you dont talk in your sleep
and you hopethat dreams do come true
chance of that happening:: 1%
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[10 Apr 2005|11:35am]
Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility:eyes
best personality trait:you don't follow the croud
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People date you because:you're cute
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[09 Apr 2005|03:40pm]
My night last nigth was fabulous.
I spent the night at jakes house and hate leaving there the next day and going home becuz i miss him like crazy all the time. anyways.. i miss him a lot and i wish i knew what was going on becuz is making me crazy. and i hope i dont get hurt again.

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I LOVED MY BIRTHDAY! [02 Apr 2005|06:13pm]

Yesterday as you all know was my birthday. And i had an AWESOME birthday.

We all went to bianca whites house to party, we all got really drunk and then janelle left me and she couldnt have anyone spend the night. so my friend jake from walled lake came down with his 2 friedns kyle and pat and they stole me. i ended up spending the night with jakes and i swear i had the best time. i really do like him a lot now and it scares me becuz hes suppose to be moving to texas soon. i really want him to stay.hes different then other guys .. hes more mature and hes a good guy. and hes soooo nice to me. if only you couldve been in my shoes last night youd feel the same. and it was awesome even though i both only got like 2 hours of sleep. ;)

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[01 Apr 2005|12:20pm]
Happy Birthday to me!
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I thought I'd share this. [26 Mar 2005|06:37pm]
[ mood | W.T.F. ]

I just put one of those lint snares on the thingy for my washer.
and it reminds me of a wirey steal condom?

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[23 Mar 2005|09:42pm]

another false alarmCollapse )

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[20 Mar 2005|06:31pm]

A is for Alert
R is for Rare
L is for Lively
E is for Enchanting
N is for Nutty
E is for Explosive

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[02 Mar 2005|04:43pm]
MEGGIE CLIFF: LOOK AT MY ICON AND TELL ME WHAT IT REMINDS YOU OF..... besides me and my soulmate. haha.
its a song that reminds you of me.. you know what it is and look at my layout.

its all you for you meggie.
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[01 Mar 2005|09:55pm]

omg this makes me want to cryCollapse )

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[01 Mar 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | outrageously sad ]

lets play a game.

Its called kill Arlene. i think its pretty self explanitory. no rules.


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